Okay! Here's the plan for the FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH Roadrunner race prize money;
The top five cars are to meet at the flag stand at the end of the race. There will be a drawing for prize money. There will be 5 chips with 1st written on them, 4 chips with 2nd, 3 with 3rd, 2 with 4th and 1 with 5th.
The first chip drawn will be awarded $100.00. The next chip drawn (that doesn't match the first) will be awarded $50.00.
If there are 10 or more Roadrunners, the top 5 will have their pit passes paid for. Prizes are eligible to visitors and members



Next Race

September 5, 2014 Race night at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe gates open at 4pm racing at 6:30pm

Drivers meeting will be at 6pm on the front stretch just prior to the meet and greet.

Next Meeting

September 2, 2014 General Meeting Alfys Pizza in Snohomish starts at 7pm

Remember to check the dates on your belts 5 years is the limit for all classes but Road Runners.

Helmets are to be SA2005 or newer.

Fire extinguishers with metal nozel required in all cars.


Sky Valley Stock 

 Road Runner

 Sprint Cars






2013 Sky Valley Stocks Champion #14 Scott Burby


2013 Road Runner Champion #17 Matt Greene

 2013 Sprint Car Champion #70 Leroy Hudson