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Next Event

April 18, 2014 Season opener Evergreen Speedway Gates open at 4pm Racing at 7pm 

Remember to check the dates on your belts 5 years is the limit.

Helmets are to be SA2005 or newer.

Fire extinguishers with metal nozel required in all cars.


Current News


WWRA President Bill Fuller

Q and A with Bill Fuller

Q:What are some of your goals for the WWRA in 2014?

Bill: Hopefully have a good year to pay all of the clubs bills and have a good relationship with the track.

Q: What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the club?

Bill: Car count in all classes

Q: The WWRA has always allowed anyone with a car to get some track time do you see any changes to that policy?

Bill: Not at all, we need people to make it.

Q: What was you first year in the WWRA?

Bill: 1996 I was able to make the last three races with my Lightning truck.

Q: How many different classes of cars and trucks  have you driven the WWRA?

Bill: Lightning Trucks and Thunder Cars

Q: What are your plans for your race operation this year?

Bill: Will be out with a Valley Stock

Q: What motivates you to do all you do to keep the WWRA going?

Bill: Because the WWRA is a good club, good people in it. Even with the problems we have had things must get done to make it through the year.

Q: With the diversity of classes that the WWRA offers what do you see as the best way to recruit new drivers into the WWRA?

Bill: Just to get people interested in a certain class they want to race in.

Q: How would you characterize your leadership style?

Bill: From a racers point of view, but to still go by the rules.




2013 Sky Valley Stocks Champion #14 Scott Burby


2013 Road Runner Champion #17 Matt Greene

 2013 Sprint Car Champion #70 Leroy Hudson